Benefits of Parallel Campus

World is changing fast. Education institutes all over the world are busy re-organizing their administration systems because like other sectors the educationsector too is surrounded by economic and social whirlwind.

Their only goal seems to prepare individuals who can carve a niche in the technology driven world, technologies which will transformthe world like never before.

Improves effectiveness of overall management

  • The school and colleges using ERP systems have reported an increase in the productivity, efficiency and proficiency of the management system.
  • After using HawksCool, it is the only centralized management system, processes work out well at the preferred time without delay, and the staff candevote their time to work on other equally important areas.
  • Also, the same amount of work can now be done by lesser amount of people saving man power for other productive tasks.
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Cost- effective

  • Saving man power means saving money.
  • When the basic functions of institutes like admissions, payroll, fee collection, etc. are computerized, you save lot of money.
  • Now, this money saved by the institute can be utilized for other crucial purposes. A highly financially rewarding cut price, is not it?
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Communication costs are reduced

  • Different communications that are performed in the university or college get a systematic method in the form of an ERP which handles all of it single-handedly.
  • An educational ERP facilitates communication in the form of alerts via e-mails, SMS, notes, notices and many others.
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Much more target on imparting education

  • HawksCool can take care of daily attendance, grades, marks, exams, notices, etc.
  • Teachersneed not burden themselves with the recording and updating responsibilities that bear very little importance and are time consuming.
  • They can focus on the main problem and that is imparting knowledge to their students.
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Organization of data

  • HawksCool replaces manual work, and in turn also reduces the chances of data redundancy, incomplete and improper data and provide data which is legible, made available at one click. Also old datais handled effortlessly for future use.
  • Miscellaneous functions of institutes which include administrative management, profile management, fee management, timetable maintenance, exam management, library management, attendance, grades, updates, etc are fully automated by HawksCool.
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Administrative activities automated

  • With HawksCool, activities like fee collection, library updation and so on are carried out smoothly without any apprehensions or possibility of losses towards the institution.
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